Portfolio Updates

colorado angel business card portfolio sample This evening, I’ve been updating my portfolio on my website.

King's Ride Bookmark design portfolio copy I do this from time to time, because I’ve finished new commissions or when I realize that I’ve left something out that needs to be included.

Tonight, I’ve been updating the sub-categories. I’ve added new book covers to the print book cover designs  and ebook cover designs pages.

I’ve also created a new page for business card designs. I thought I already had one, but apparently not!

In case you’re wondering, the artwork on the business card at top left was remastered from a business card created for one of my clients by another artist. She’d lost the original artwork, and really wanted more business cards with that same design. I was happy to help her!

7 Bubbles portfolio sampleAfter also updating my bookmarks page, I created a new page for picture book designs.

So far, I’ve only had the opportunity to do the artwork for one picture book. It was a lot of fun!

It was so much fun, that I wrote the text for my own picture book, and started illustrating it. I hope to share the results of that effort here sometime soon!

If you’re wondering about my prices, I try to keep them affordable. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook about design work you’d like to have done or ask for samples.

This Little (Night)Light of Mine

Oh Hai Black & White Shih Tzu Puppy Night Light

“This little light of mine!
I’m gonna let it shine…”

Do you remember singing this song as a child?

I do!

Being afraid of the dark is a common problem for children, but as we grow older, we lose our fear of monsters under the bed, and learn to be wary of other things. Stubbing toes on furniture in the dark can be a very painful and teachable experience! Sometimes, in a new place, we might even become so disoriented by the lack of light that we walk into a wall.

Sandbox Poodles Cartoon Illustration Night Light

For this reason, most homes have a night light or two plugged in where they’ll help a person who’s half-awake find what they need without catastrophe or waking up the whole house with a crash, thump, or wail of distress!

Thanks to Zazzle, I can now offer night lights with my designs on them! Shown here are a few friendly designs that I hope will appeal to just about anyone of any age. Some of these shades will allow more light through than others. Pick the one that’s best for your needs! Click on the images to be taken to the product pages.



Perfect Peace Scripture Country Church Night Light

Perfect peace Scripture nightlight

Stained Glass Window Night Light Blue Butterfly Explosion Night Light Yucca Flowers Painting Yellow Night Light Looking Up Queen Anne's Lace on Blue Night Light

Dancing Cartoon Peacock on Green Night Light Blue on Blue Duck and Rushes Night Light Cartoon Peacock Trailing Tail on Green Night Light

Pastel Lavender & Gray Lilac Blossoms Night Light White Dogwood Blossoms Colored Pencils Night Light

Romantic Red Roses Night Light Pink Knockout Roses Painting Night Light White Roses Painting Night Light Red Japanese Maple Leaves on Peach Night Light

Happy April Fools Day!

Fishing Cat low-res I’m not really fond of April Fools tricks, but I do enjoy a good joke, and funny cartoons are something our family enjoys as well.

So, in honor of April Fool’s Day, I’ve created this very colorful cartoon of a cat trying so hard to catch the koi, that he’s about to fall in the water with them!

You can find products created with this funny design here.

Another reason why I created this design is because I wanted a funny piece of artwork to use on an aqua clock.

Aqua clocks are a great multi-purpose piece of home decor. Not only do they tell the time, but you can fill the tank with water and put a betta fish in it for added enjoyment!

I kept this design simpler to allow the betta to take center stage.

Here are some more aqua clock designs I’ve created: