Flip Flops & Faith

Click to view products made with this design.

Click to view products made with this design.

I’ve lately been working on some new artwork over at Zazzle. It gets a bit bewildering at times, trying to remember where all I’ve got to share it, and I realized that one of the places I wasn’t sharing it often enough was here! So, I’m trying to rectify that.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with a flip flops theme. The image at left is one of the designs I wound up making gifts with first, but it isn’t the first design I created.

Flipflops low-resThis is the first design I created. When I shared it with my friends, a number of them wondered why I would create flip flops  with dirty footprints on them. They expressed a preference for clean flip flops, thank you! And so, in deference to their preferences, I created a clean flip flops design.

But I had other friends who liked the dirty flip flops design. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, they thought this design seemed more real; that these flip flops had clearly been loved, and the design spoke to them.

I understood. It speaks to me, too. I reminds me that it is important to put feet to my faith; that life is lived to the fullest when I get my shoes dirty, not when I keep them clean. The more I walk in my faith shoes and get them dirty, the stronger my faith in God grows, and the less I am tossed about by the storms of this life.

What about you? Are you putting feet to your faith? Or are your faith-shoes tucked away in a closet somewhere, staying clean?

Click to view products made with this design.

Click to view products made with this design.

Regretfully, although some of my grungy flip flops gifts have posted for sale, they aren’t yet searchable on the front end of the website. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to see individual examples of the grungy flip flops design on a variety of products.

Grungy Flip Flops on Apple Green Extra Large Mugs Grungy Flip Flops on Apple Green Door Hangers Grungy Flipflops on Apple Green Charm Bracelet

I’ve begun adding designs to Society 6 now, too! Check them out!

Honeybees & Neonicotinoids

Honeycomb with bees low-resWe’ve been hearing a lot about how the honeybees are dying and no one knows why for a number of years now. Today, I heard about another possible cause of bee deaths: neonicotinoids. The evidence surrounding neonicotinoids is controversial. It’s possible that they have caused some bee deaths, however most agricultural uses are supposedly at low enough levels that they don’t impact bees.

Whether or not they do, I saw something very troubling on Sunday. We went to the lake for a walk, and saw that the white clover had taken over and was blooming everywhere around the lake. There was so much clover, the scent from it was quite definite, and yet, I only saw two honeybees the entire time we were on our walk.

Whatever the cause for the dips in bee population, one thing is for sure: we need to take good care of our bees!

I’m adding a number of products to my website this week featuring this design with the honeycomb and bees. Please check back later in the week when hopefully I’ll have links to post.

Ad for Zazzle Artwork 2

Can You Give Me A Boost?

Plain Pre-Made Book CoversI haven’t gotten everything moved over to Creative Indie Designs, yet, but I’ve made a good start: At least half of the pages I needed to move have been moved, and I’ve created some NEW and fantastic cover art! You can check it out here. Our book covers are on special for $25 through the end of June! After that, the prices will go up.

July 4th Picnic in the Park Tag-Style InvitationBut I didn’t want to talk about that: I wanted to talk about how I’m participating in Zazzle’s Invitation Design Contest!

It’s been hard work, trying to design invitations that I thought would be up to snuff, but I think I’ve succeeded with a few of them, including the Picnic in the Park invitation (at top left).

Part of the requirements of the contest is to pin our work on Pinterest. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to help me out? It would be totally wonderful if you’d drop by my Pinterest board for this contest, and like and share my invitations! that would be so amazing if you would, and I’d really be grateful! (Thanks a bunch!)

Here are few more of my designs for this invitation design contest (in case you’re curious):

Save the Date Ombre Gray Scalloped Invitation Save the Date Corrugated Blue Scalloped Invitation July 4th Fireworks Tag-Style Invitation Weathered Cement Scalloped Housewarming Invitation