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Gift IdeasSo often you’re searching for just the right gift…

You have an idea, but not the gift. You even know what you want it to say, but you can’t quite find the right thing. Now you can! Not only do I offer an amazing array of ready to buy gifts for your gifting pleasure, but I can create or redesign a gift to suit your needs!

Check Out These Society6 Pre-Christmas Sales

DAY5-20pOffShRugIt’s been a while since we’ve added any new artwork to Society6. We’re still trying to figure out how to get around an issue with our internet provider regarding sizable file uploads.

butterflies shower curtainHowever, we already have some very beautiful artwork up on the site! We hope you’ll take advantage of these great deals from Society6 to obtain some of Krystine Kercher’s artwork on useful products for your family!

Today’s great deal is on shower curtains and rugs. She have designed a number of shower curtains and rugs! Whether you’re into football, abstract or geometric shower curtains, botanical designs or butterfly shower curtains, she has a shower curtain for you! She also has added fun book-themed shower curtains, as well as a dragon shower curtain and a shower curtain featuring heraldic shields and horses.

Look for matching rug designs to coordinate your style.

lapis and white rug horses and heraldry rug books shower curtain lapis and white shower curtain


red football rug Red football shower curtain

No Such Thing As…

Cat pretending not to care under a Christmas tree

Click through for links to products on Zazzle featuring Shelah the Cat!

…A bored cat at Christmas! She isn’t really–she’s just faking. And if you dare to turn your back on her, life could get really interesting!

We’re having a great run-up to Christmas on Zazzle. I’ve sold a lot of neat products, and so have my fellow Zazzlers. I keep hoping to sell more. I’ve been so busy posting to social media that I haven’t been on here as much. While Cyber Monday and the week of sales following is past, the sales aren’t finished! I hope you’ll drop by my stores, and check out our other great deals, and take advantage of them.

And I hope you have a very Meowwy Christmas!

The True Sign of Peace

Peace Dove on Sapphire Blue Round OrnamentYou know that peace sign? The one with the broken arms pointing downward on either side of a vertical line centered in the middle of an empty circle? Yes, that one! I don’t LIKE that peace sign!

A close friend and I had that conversation again just the other day. I asked her if she knew what that symbol was a representation of, but she didn’t know. I’m guessing that you don’t know either, so I’m going to tell you.

That “peace sign” is a stylized representation of a Russian (Communist) peasant facing a firing squad. That isn’t peace you’re looking at–it’s the representation of utter futility and hopelessness! The hopelessness we’re all supposed to feel in the face of the onslaught of “peaceful” Communism!

When my friend heard what I had to say, she choked and gagged on it! She realized she didn’t like that peace sign either!

I am not a Communist. You can’t even call me a socialist, or, more and more synonomous with communism and all it stands for, an American liberal or progressive, because I am NOT in agreement with their ideals of violent revolution, of violently dispossessing ordinary people of their hard-earned wealth to give it to people who aren’t willing to put their backs into it and work for that wealth themselves!

So that peace sign is NOT and will never ever be MY peace sign!

If you want to know my peace sign–look up! See that beautiful, snow white dove carrying an olive branch against a sky blue background? That dove is my peace sign!

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, who comes to bring us peace in our hearts no matter what kind of storms are raging outside us. He carries an olive branch, the symbol of healing and restoration between us and God, and our fellow humans. Blue is the color of Heaven, from whence the Holy Spirit descends to calm our inner turmoil and conflicts.

Until we have peace in our own hearts and peace with God, we are INCAPABLE of experiencing peace with anyone else!

God’s peace is not the futile resignation of an angry abused hopeless person.

God’s peace doesn’t only exist when all the peasants or all the intelligentsia, or all of the bureaucrats or politicians, or all of any other group you can possibly name are dead! God’s peace most especially doesn’t exist when they are all slaughtered and gone. God’s peace isn’t a state born of hatred and striving, but an offering created by ultimate love.

God offers us peace in the now; peace with those we are at odds with, no matter where we find them. God offers us His peace to offer to them. And most incredibly, He offers us that peace with Him, and with our own flawed, continually failing and guilty human hearts!

I turned this design into a Christmas ornament because the way God made for us to find His peace is through His Son, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate each year at Christmas. Every tree ought to have a reminder of God’s peace somewhere on it. If you don’t have one already, I offer you this one in the hopes that it might bless you.

It is my Christmas wish for you this season, that you will find God’s peace smoothing the troubled waters of your heart and your relationships.

May God bless you with His peace.